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Lord Byron

Much has been said of an incestuous relationship between Lord Byron and his half-sister, Augusta Leigh.  Some of it might be true,  but it's hard to tell, considering the endless, scandalizing gossip circulating around Byron during the separation from his wife, Annebella, in 1816.

But true or not, Byron lived an interesting and adventurous life.  As he said in the following lines:

        "I had the share of life which might have filled a century,
          Before its fourth in time had passed me by."
The following poems were dedicated to his sister after he left England on April 25, 1816 at the age of twenty-eight.  Byron never saw Augusta again.   He died eight years later in Greece on April 19, 1824 at the age of thirty-six.

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Stanzas to Augusta (1)        Stanzas to Augusta  (2)        Epistle to Augusta


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